The Discoverer

  1. The RHIB "UFO"

    UFO will be operated by 2 crew members to keep Ben on the right track, feed him, and bring him support depending on the conditions.

  2. The support sailing yacht “Discoverer”

    Discoverer is a 67ft (20 m) steel hulled sailing yacht, she was originally built as an ocean racer to take part in the legendary Challenge Business round the world race. She will host Ben and the crew, and provide a versatile working environment for the non-stop six-month expedition.

  3. GPS Trackers

    The audience will be able to track every movement of Ben and his convoy through the online Live Tracker and Live Data tools.

  4. Electric Outboard Engine

    To ensure a 6-month autonomy and reduce the impact on the environment, the convoy will be equipped with a sustainable system including an electric engine, hydro generators and solar panels.

  5. 24/7 and 360° Cameras

    To capture their story and share it to the world, Ben and the crew will be equipped with action and 360° cameras, drones, and a 24/7 recording system mounted on Discoverer.

  6. Scientific sampling

    The crew will use the equipment donated by 12 renown institutions (NASA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution…), such as a net to sample plastic, and an advanced pH-meter to learn more about ocean pollution.

  7. Satellite Communications

    Ben and the crew will stay connected to land via satellite, to directly interact with the audience and share pictures and videos every step of the way.

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The Team

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