[DAY 66] Toothbrushes

All I do when I swim is dream and think. I think about general subjects or problems we encounter during our expedition. The other night when I went to our head (bathroom) to brush my teeth, I counted the number of toothbrushes we were using and it didn’t make any sense. On the boat we don’t keep our toothbrushes and toiletries in a cabinet, we keep them in pockets made of waterproof material that is hung on the wall. The top left pockets are for toothbrushes. I counted 8 of them, I don’t keep mine there and I know Ty and Joe don’t either. We are only 9 on board, why would we have 11 toothbrushes? Then I remembered we found a toothbrush floating in the water a few days ago. And I also remembered seeing a video showing toothbrushes found among other plastic items on remote beaches. This toothbrush issue statutes to intrigue me. A toothbrush is like a hand razor, the only part we use is just the tip, the rest is the handle. But I have never seen a toothbrush designed like a hand razor, where you have a  replaceable tip and I also have never seen any toothbrush made out of organic material. Those designs would considerably reduce our impact on the ocean. So my question is, have you ever seen a toothbrush made out of organic material or one that uses less plastic, like a razor with rechargeable blades? If you have please let me know, I would be a great supporter of that product!


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  1. There are plenty of brands that do bamboo toothbrushes, some with plastic bristles and some entirely compostable ! Plastic toothbrushes with replacable tips also exist.

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