Ben Settles Back Into His Groove!

Day 50

It is September 3, and Ben is feeling better (the sea sickness has passed) and finally the sun is shining. His current location is 24° 10 min. North by 39° 30 min. West, and the estimated total distance to his new destination, Quiberon, France, is approximately 1,120 statute miles.

Ben is much better and after the worst of the storm passed, he still swam more than 4 hours each day…this with 8-12 foot swells!

Ben points out, “The water temperature is in the high 60’s (°F), so I am wearing a full wetsuit, complete with hood, but I still am not using gloves…I prefer to feel the water through my fingers when I swimming. It gives me a sense of forward motion.”

Ben continues, “Luckily, no sharks have been around, but I have been visited by several sea turtles. My skin is still a little irritated, but I can live with that. We are expecting winds from the North East, so I expect the next few days to go a little slowly as far as forward progress goes.” Ben and the Falbala did, however, enjoy a favorable 2-knot current during the storm that forced them forward for the first few days.

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