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[DAY 8] All clear

Day 7
The weather report we all had been waiting for came in this morning. Maliksi, the low pressure system that had forced us to retreat to land was finally moving to the east and gave us a clear weather window to sail back to our location. Our router estimated we could leave our current location by the end of the day which means I’ll be swimming again in 24 hours.
A few days ago a heavy tool box that wasn’t secured properly fell on my backpack. Its thin foam liner wasn’t enough protection to softened the impact, more than half of my computer screen cracked and I was left with only the right side. The black space had been creeping up leaving me with less and less working space each time I used it. Fortunately I was able to retrieve my important files and could still use it to send out some emails. I spent my last day just doing that and calling and video conferencing my friends and family one last time from land. Never before had I spent that much time on skype. I was looking at every details of people’s face, I wanted to have a clear memory of them and remember how the light bounced of their cheeks when they were in a darker place or how their air shined under the sun. These moments were intense and I felt deeply connected. In the evening before going to bed I rearranged my personal items to make sure that everything was at its place and I knew where everything was. I can’t stand spending time looking for something that has been misplaced. I share a cabin with Lauren and Paul and each of us have two shelves. Paul makes very good use of his shelves, there is no more empty space! He has invaded the floor with a big backpack full of clothes plus whatever other items laying on the floor. God, I love my nephew, that’s why I can tolerate his mess.

8 thoughts on “[DAY 8] All clear

  1. What a nice read! Thank you for sharing these memorable events in your life! Let’s hope for the best. You shall overcome whatever obstacle comes your way. Good luck!

  2. I am hooked. Every day I excitedly read your post; thank you for taking the time for keeping us up to date. YES, you’ll be back in the ocean in a few hours…

    Blessed be your journey!

  3. Dear Ben and team, it is so inspiring what you are doing. It’s great to read your daily journals too. I wish you all the most wonderful, safe, successful journey. I will be following and supporting you all the way. I love our beautiful ocean and raising awareness of how we should respect and protect it is so incredibly important. Thank you for what you’re doing. I truly do admire what you are doing and your family must be so proud of you. The very best of luck to you all. Maria Brown (London, England)

  4. Geat stuff! Reading here every day, its fantastic! Good luck getting swimming again and back on track!

  5. Hallo Ben and Team,
    good luck for the „re- start“ and naturally better weather conditions. A german triathlet is following you, unfortunately without good english skills. Stay strong and be focused. Good Job!!!!!

  6. Good luck Ben / Team,

    We will be waiting for you at the SF Bay to welcome you and congratulate the great accomplishment.

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