[DAY 12] Nausea

I spent the night in my bunk with pillows and my backpack on my side to limit my movements.

I could hear the waves breaking on the hull and rolling on the deck.
Yoav, our skipper, and the crew were handling over 30 knots of wind on deck with heavy rain. Those conditions did not stop, the waves stayed with us the rest of the day, only the rain and wind had stopped. Those conditions made it impossible for me to swim. Each time I stood up nausea came back, I stayed in my bunk most of the day.


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  1. You will get through this Ben, We have faith in you to complete your goals for science and your project.

  2. Dont let these setbacks get to you. The weather is bound to change and you can get back in the water…Oxo

  3. Hey Ben! Thoughts are with you throughout this. All day of wind and waves like that sounds in unimaginable. You and your crew are tough as nails. I wish you calm seas and gentle winds. I am rooting for you from San Diego.


  4. Ben,
    I have every confidence in you! I know you will overcome! The challenge will not be easy, so keep up your faith. All the best with your expectation!

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