[DAY 121] Changes to my body

For the past few days, I have noticed some changes. When I step down the stairs, my legs shake. I have lost a lot of muscle mass from those muscle groups I hardly use. My legs are much thinner. This is expected, I calculated that everyday I spend less than half an hour standing and walk less than 250 meters.
All the hours I spend swimming doesn’t make up for the little time I spend standing and walking.

Today was a great day of swimming, I was finally able to follow an eastern course and the water was getting a little colder, this all meant that we were not in the main part of the current anymore.

Yoav and Brian spent most of the day trouble shooting the problem with the power to our main engine. Emails have been going back and forth between them and Ras, but at the end of the day, it was still a mystery. We had some wind yesterday and we didn’t need to use the engine but this will become an issue if the wind dies, our sailboat won’t be able to catch up with the dinghy…

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 10-15 kts
Wind direction: NW
Waves height: 0.3-0.5 m
Waves direction: NW
Water temperature: 26.5°C

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  1. There is always an interesting fact that you share with us in your log, Ben! The changes in human physiology whilst spending most waking hours swimming, as opposed to activities on land, are fascinating. I guess spending so many hours pulling one’s body through water, will develop a powerful upper body, and the lower body will become streamlined, because the kick is not the main force powering you through the water.
    Good luck with the engine issues: it seems the human beings are holding up very well, but the mechanical equipment is taking some strain!

    1. Hi Folks,
      I echo Ninas comment.
      Ben,hope your physical shape will continuously be fine! The physicians May find out a lot new things within the research of your body within your swim.
      Hold in bravely,as Well aus your Team with the motor.
      Good luck & Blessings

  2. Hi Ben
    I hope the sailboat holds up. I imagine that puts some real logistical challenges on everyone trying to problem solve the engine issues. Praying for you guys

  3. I just started following your mission a few weeks ago and all I can say say is wow! What a great team you and the others make, to be able to do such a wonderful science while maintaining such high hopes and spirits!

    I look forward to your posts daily! Please stay safe and keep being amazing!

  4. Hi Folks,
    I echo Ninas comment.
    Ben,hope your physical shape will continuously be fine! The physicians May find out a lot new things within the research of your body within your swim.
    Hold in bravely,as Well aus your Team with the motor.
    Good luck & Blessings

  5. Hey
    my students wonder some things, while we watch your amazing journey:
    What you eat? What about team, are you fishing your food?
    What happens if trip took longer time than you have planned? Is food running out, or are you getting more from boats or helicopters?
    Students from Finland

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