[DAY 24] The broken pole

The force of the wind had diminished, but it was still over 20 knots with cresting waves. We couldn’t use a kayak or the RHIB to pace me, so we decided to wait few more hours before making a decision. In the afternoon we decided to use the sailboat to pace me and we started by setting up the fiberglass spinnaker pole to attach my streamline to it.

It is not an easy task to accomplish with waves slamming and the boat constantly rolling. The pole got finally secured to the mast and started to swing over the starboard side. Then suddenly its base broke, it came loose from the mast and fell right on the deck missing Yoav’s head just by inches.

The pole was brought back on deck and secured and we had to find another solution to tow my streamline. A few days ago during a trial, we had it attached to the bow and I swam behind Seeker. It wasn’t ideal, there is a lot of turbulence behind the boat.

By the time we figured out a solution, we had drifted too far and needed to sail back to the starting point. We had to fight the strong current, the waves and wind weren’t favorable either which took us too long and didn’t leave us enough time to put our plan into action before the sunset.


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    1. Hi Richard, I am another reader of Ben’s logbook. On the top of this page it shows the number of views for each entry. As of now this one was viewed 1715 times.

    2. Hello Richard, yes I do read the comments. The encouragement people give me helps me keep motivated to keep going!

  1. Days like that are no doubt frustrations. Your perseverance to get up each day and find a solution is inspiring!

  2. Oh golly…. never know what’s around the corner. I am so inspired by how you navigate the ever changing elements and circumstances. So good to hear Yoav is not injured. Best to you all!!

    Blessed be your journey!!

  3. There are so many life-lessons here in how you and your crew are handling the setbacks, Ben. What is the point of feeling sorry for oneself or becoming overly emotional or anxious?! You are staying in the “now” with all the givens and carrying on the best way possible. I admire this greatly. I admire how you all just keep on doing what you need to do, to move ever forward to San Francisco.

    1. Hello Nina, they are doing a fantastic job. Just taking every day as it comes. Thank you for following my swim, Ben.

  4. Well done Ben.

    Whenever I’m having a bad day and start feeling sorry for myself I think about you, still in the ocean. Still swimming. Every day. That puts it in perspective.

    Your adventure is inspiring, and your progress so far is impressive. Keep it up!


    1. Hello Nick, thank you for your comment of encouragement. I’m glad to hear I can help in any way, Ben.

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