Support the swim

“It’s been now five years that my team and I have been preparing for The Longest Swim. Our support boat Discoverer is now getting ready to be delivered to Tokyo for next Spring; we are very proud to have made it to this point thanks to the hard work of the team, and to the generosity of our partners, sponsors and private donors. Swimming across an Ocean is not a small feat and as such, comes with many associated expenses to have a safe and successful journey.

We still need a little push to get me in the water next Spring and start this amazing adventure. There are many ways you can participate in this epic expedition across the Pacific; every little drop counts! Either by a quick and simple donation online, or by providing equipment and supplies to the crew.

Thank you for your support!”


Here are items that still need to be covered for the expedition:

Medical & Safety Kits

Safety first ! To keep Ben and the crew safe for 6 months at sea, we need a specialist medical kit (to include emergency equipment and medicine to deal with any situations that arise) and marine safety equipment (life jackets, survival rafts and other distress equipment.)

Food & Supplies

Ben will be consuming over 8,000 calories per day and will need to keep his body well fed to sustain that kind of energetic output. As for the 7 crew members, they will also need energy to keep an eye on Ben and do the sampling everyday for scientific research.

Communications and filming equipment

The Longest Swim is meant to be a participatory adventure; Discoverer will be fitted with filming equipment and a satcom system that will allow Ben and the crew to stay connected, share the story day by day, and interact with the audience. Since it’™s very hard to find a wifi hotspot in the middle of the Pacific, we have to subscribe to a satellite communications data plan.

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