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Follow Ben Lecomte and his team as they prepare for an epic swim from Tokyo to San Francisco, and the first citizen science expedition of its kind.


A world record swim attempt

Ben Lecomte was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard in 1998. This time, he will swim across the Pacific - for eight hours a day for six months - accompanied by a support sailboat and his six crew members.

A 6-month unsupported journey

Living at sea for six months is no everyday accomplishment. The Pacific Ocean is one of the largest and most inhospitable bodies of water on the planet. The support boat "Discoverer", a 67-foot steel-hulled sailing yacht, will be fully equipped and 100 % self-sufficient to face such a long, unsupported journey.

A citizen science expedition

Under the direction of researchers from 12 scientific institutions including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the crew will perform oceanic and medical research throughout the journey, marking the first time such scientific work will be conducted by the general public.

Ben Lecomte

"I'm not an Olympic swimmer, I'm an adventurer who likes to swim.€"

Ben Lecomte
Swimmer / Advocate / Founder

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