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2500+ nautical miles covered. 1 Billion+ media impressions in more than 200 countries.

Ben Lecomte expeditions bring attention to environmental issues affecting every person on the planet.

Expedition Partners:

We must all take responsibility to address the crisis of plastic pollution that we now face. But we need to bring hearts and minds along on that journey. Because it’s not just showing the impact, it’s about finding solutions and adopting new behaviors and technologies as part of a circular world. It’s time to co-create a new way of thinking and acting on plastics.

Ben Lecomte

Ben is focusing attention on the invasion of microplastics at World Heritage Sites.

Cocos Island – February, 2022
Galapagos Island – Spring, 2022
Midway Atoll – Spring 2022
Henderson Island – Summer 2022
Tubbataha Reefs – 2023
Campbell Island – 2023

You can help.

Ben partners with brands concerned about the environment. If you would like to support his cause, join his crew or provide material and financial support, please contact Ben.