Ben’s Mission

As Ben emerges from his transatlantic swim, he proposes to Trinh.
Hear his story on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Ben Lecomte is on a mission to change the world’s relationship to plastic.

After experiencing the nightmare of plastic pollution everyday during his Transpacific swim, Ben is dedicating his energy and passion to raise awareness and inspire change. Putting his dream of a world-record attempt aside, Ben focuses his efforts on being a voice for our oceans.

1998: Swim Atlantic

Ben is no stranger to our oceans. In 1998, at the age of 31, Ben became the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard after a 73-day drift swim from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Quiberon, France.
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2018: Swim Pacific

In December of 2018, Ben became the first person to attempt to swim from Tokyo, Japan to San Francisco, California to raise awareness about the oceans health. Ben successfully swam 1,500 NM. Unfortunately, after 165 days at sea, Ben and his team were forced to call off ‘The Swim’ due to 7 irreparable damage to the mainsail.
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2019: The Vortex

Ben returned to the Pacific Ocean with a special attention to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Earning a Guinness World Record for his 338 NM swim, Ben chronicled the debris field and provide his unique point of view to scientists in marine biology and NASA doctors studying effects of prolonged exposure to the human body.
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