He’s Baaaaaaa-ck…10+ Foot Shark Shadows Ben as He Crosses the 500 Mile Mark!

Day 13

It is July 28, and Ben and the Falbala have logged more than 500 miles since leaving Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, Mass. Ordinarily in the beginning of the Gulf Stream (where it is most narrow), and with weather permitting, Ben should be logging more than 100 miles each day. However, rough seas and strong winds are not moving the crew as quickly as planned.

Ben reports, “Rough seas are definitely not deterring the 10+ foot shark that is passing back and forth about 30 feet below me. Thank heavens for the Shark POD…”

Strong winds and high seas are also making swimming difficult. He explained, “I’m not so much swimming, but fighting in the water!” As a result of the extra exertion, Ben is only logging about six hours of swimming a day during this rough period of weather.

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