Ben set to Head Back into Water Friday, August 28! “I’ve been swimming 6 or more hours everyday…now I’m ready to get to France!”

Day 41

It is day 41, August 25, and Ben has announced “water purifier part or not!” he is back in the water on his way to France first thing Friday morning on August 28!

Ben has been in the Azores resting for the last week and putting on weight. He’s gained 4 pounds and finally, sweets are appealling again. Good thing, more than 5 cases of Snickers, Milky Ways and the like have gone untouched since Ben’s July 16 departure.

Ben explains, “Physically, mentally and emotionally, I am ready. Since I’ve started swimming again here in the Azores, the joy of the sport has returned. I want to be in the water now and on my way to France.”

He further points out, “I’m still having some discomfort with my skin and a reaction from the wetsuit, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ll work through that and any other obstacles, and weather and currents permitting, I should reach France in 30 or so days.”

Because of the detour to the Azores and based on a new north east heading, Ben is now a little over 1300 statute miles from his new planned destination in France. Currents and winds prevailing, he estimates averaging 40 plus miles a day and hopes to conclude his heroic journey near the end of September.

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