Ben Continues Despite a Week of Stormy Weather. “Seas somewhat calmer, but we anticipate rough seas over the next few days!”

Day 55

It is day 55, September 7 and Ben just can’t catch a break in the weather. However, it doesn’t appear to be dampening his spirits. He is less than 900 miles out from completing his record breaking attempt to be the first man to swim across the North Atlantic.

Ben reports, “We’ve had a few calm hours interspersed, but mostly it’s been 45-60 knot winds and 20+ foot sized waves crashing into the boat!” His current location is 40° 20 min. north by 19° 30 min. west, having completed more than 400 miles of his remaining 1320 miles to Quiberon, France, since leaving the Azores on August 28. Bens’ total miles swum to date is 2,816 statute miles!

“During this particular bit of rough weather, I’m swimming when I can, about 3 to 4 hours a day.” Since leaving the Azores, Ben’s average mileage per day has been lower than anticipated, about 25 miles. This is because of the inclement weather and unsafe swimming conditions it presents.

He explains, “Because of my limited swimming time and the reverse winds, I can not log the miles I had estimated. Hopefully this stormy weather will pass soon, so I can get to France!”

Despite the rocky start, Ben is doing great and continues to keep his spirits high.

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