Ben Expresses His Appreciation

Day 75

Ben expresses his special thanks to :

Colleen Turner
Dr. Edward Coyle
Dr. Robert Griffin
Joe Cruz and Lakeway Pharmacy
Caroline Planque
David St. Germain
Jason Haurmons
Jim Cole
Jennifer Mac Aulay
Jennifer Clark
Richard and Sten Auger
Jean-Pierre Ayrault
Edward OíBeirn
Alice Neill
Kevin Kessler
Lisa Canning
John Mix
Daniel Siragusa
Susan Jackson
Susie Jastrow
Shannon Swenson
Nigel Prentice
Susan Evans
Thad Smith
Theo Meyer
Chuck Lockart, Tim Lovette and the Hyannis Yacht Club team and all its members

All my friends and family, my beautiful fiancee Trinh and everyone who supported me throughout my swim. If I forgot your name, please excuse the oversight, my brain is a little water-logged! But know, your help was appreciated and I could not have completed this journey without you.

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