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The Great Nacho Disappearance

The day started with a scandal. The Great Nacho Disappearance of Discoverer. I would claim it to be a mystery, and that much time was spent establishing where the several packets of nacho crisps went, however there was no doubt. It was me. I knew it, and everyone else rightly assumed it instantly. There may have been some midnight raids made to the galley stores during a couple of my solo night watches, and the innocent, unlabelled nachos were the primary victims (although I don’t doubt there was other collateral damage still to be discovered, but I’ll stay quiet on the specifics until someone finds it). As far as I’m concerned, unlabelled food (especially of the snack variety) without clear purpose is fair game. Apparently not, and I’m in trouble.

Renaud is not happy – they were to be his crowning culinary achievement of this trip, and a proper Mexican meal delivered by a proper Mexican (well, half Mexican). No nachos, no Mexican meal, unhappy Mexican. Some form of retribution has been promised, and I found the head of the Lego Captain figure that is glued above my nav station (to keep Kenzie’s little Lego man of bravery company) removed from his small yellow body, taped to the front of the ships logbook, and a bloody fingerprint next to it. The logbook entry of the day also states that I am soon to be an “unsuspecting victim”. If these reports abruptly stop, you’ll know why.

The sailing progress has been gentle but steady. Our currently angles and wind doesn’t allow much more than a beam reach to be made with the boat actually moving forward, rather than rocking violently from side-to-side with the swell while going nowhere. With this, the choice is between going ‘sort of South’ or ‘sort of North, with varying degrees of ‘Hawaii’ in the mix. With the wind expected to veer more East or even South of East, we are opting to put more North in the course, so when wind shifts we can gybe and have a hotter wind angle, which will hopefully allow us to make tangible progress on a course to Honolulu. We will see…

Date: 24th May 2017
Time: 2252z
Position: 25°30.5N 144°07.5W
COG: 290°T
SOG: 5kts
Wind: NE 2-3
Swell: NE 3-4ft
Sky: 3/8 cumulus
Weather: Fair

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