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Back in our element

We finally left the dock! After months of preparation (years for some of us), we were all feeling the angst of being on land too much. We were done working on the boat. It was time to sail! And what  a gorgous sail it has been. Disco has been showing us what she is made of. She thinks nothing of 9 knots as we sail along comfortably in 20 kts of wind.

Our first few days were spent finding our sea legs for some and our rhythym for all. Thankfully, no serious cases of seasickness. *Knocks on wood* In fact the sail has been going so well we have taken to knocking on wood regularly.

The wind is looking favorable to continue on this heading for at least another day to two. Then we will be looking for the wind to back as we make a downwind approach towards Hawaii. The sun is shining (powering our batteries). The watermaker is making water (using the inverter, also powered by the sun). The meals on board have been nothing short of healthy and delicious. Crew are getting their yoga on and we are all really enjoying this sail.

Im going to cut it short here before I say too many pleasantaries. I’ll shoot for an update every few days or so.

SV Discoverer

Sunday, April 8 2018
Lat: 28*21’177N Long: 123*07′.641W
True Wind Direction: 030*
True Wind Speed: 21.7
True Wind Angle: 130*
COG: 248*
SOG: 7.6 kt

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Total Distance Run: 441.06Nm
Distance Remaining: 1700Nm
Average Speed: 6.23 Kt
Time enroute: 2 Days, 22:48


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