Log: Swim Pacific

[Day 9] Whale watching

I started my day taking in everything I could about the smells, buildings, trees and the stable line of the horizon while we were still within sight of land. Later on, those last images would be important to me and help me revisit my last hours near solid ground. Over the next few months, my memory will be my only connection to my life on land.

Vivid moments and pictures are cataloged in my mind and accessible anytime I have the need to be back with my friends, family, and love ones. Every time I encounter challenges that is where my mind goes.
Moments later the crew on Seekers saying our goodbyes for the second time. After few a hours of sailing, we were out of the bay of Tokyo, there whales and dolphins performed a fantastic ballet. Dolphins acrobatically jumped out of the water while whales seemed to congregate and stayed at the surface. During this moment we tried to drift with them hoping they would let us come close enough so that I could jump in the water and swim with them but all we could do was put our hydrophone in the water to record their sounds for our scientists on land. Yes, I was a little disappointed but how lucky we were to encounter them our first day, this was an amazing start!


7 thoughts on “[Day 9] Whale watching

  1. Hi, it would be good if your crew could take some videos of the journey and share it on your blog, so that we could have a feeling of the condition of Pacific Ocean and what we can see on the water surface.

  2. Hi, could your crew members help to take some video clips and share it on your blog, so that we could have a feeling of the condition in Pacific Ocean and what we can see on its surface.

  3. Ben, I am positive the whales and the dolphins were out there to give you thumbs up. It is no doubt, a good omen. Now you are cleared to go and do your job. The force will be with you from now on!

  4. Yes! I agree, it must be a good omen that these marine mammals were there to send you off on your way! To me it seems as though they were “emissaries from the deep ocean” thanking you for highlighting the plight of the oceans…

  5. Joining Victor and Nina.
    Whales and Dolphins are a sign of good luck.
    Wishing you andtheteam all the best.

  6. Good luck, can’t wait to stay with you as you trying to achieve this goal. Rooting for you and your team. I also would love if you guys could have live videos or recordings of you swimming.

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