Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 11] Sea sickness

I had a good start Ty and Lauren were on the RHIB and I was trying to get back into my swimming routine. About two hours in the RHIB stopped, Ty told me they had lost power and called Seeker to check on the error they were getting with our Torqeedo engine. The RHIB is powered by an electric engine that relies on 2 big batteries. Apparently, the code indicated that there no more charge, very odd since last night we were at over 90%.

By that time the wind had picked up and the waves got bigger. It was pretty scary sitting in the RHIB next to Seeker and watching the big waves lift her hull out of the water.

We managed to get on Seeker safely.

I asked to have Seeker lead me so that I could resume swimming.
The set up took awhile, I was getting cold and decided to seat down below decks away from the wind. After one hour of waiting,  I was getting seasick again. Maks came to check on me, and we decided to call it a day. It was just in time for me to run up on deck and vomit overboard, as I was emptying myself few dolphins swam few feet off our port side since I had my eyes right on them I spotted them first and yelled out sharks. A few seconds later I corrected myself and everybody was on deck.

The winds were still picking up and I knew we were going to have a rough night.



6 thoughts on “[DAY 11] Sea sickness

  1. I just swam around key west. Ended up being 14 miles for me… longest swim I’ve ever done. I thought of you a lot out there You are a king among men. You have so inspired me and I look forward to watching your journey and success. Onward and outward

  2. When feeling sick the best place is on deck steering the boat.. or jump in and play catch me if you can with the crew..

  3. I am very impressed with your objective and I wish you accomplish your goal! Keep in mind that I am sending all the time my positives energies for your everyday swimming and for your support crew.

  4. I was really impressed for your goal i followed your journey and i will give all my prayer for safety and for your crew God speed your an amazing man…

  5. Wow!! I am holding positive intentions for your success crossing the Pacific. Following you every stroke of the way.

    Blessed be your journey!

  6. I’m watching from over here in Sydney. As an avid snorkeler and ocean swimmer I have been very confronted over the last few years by the increase in ocean plastic. I taught my sons to snorkel when they were 18 months old and now, as teenagers, we have to take a bag with us to retrieve plastic each time we snorkel. It is so sad. We can not believe what you are undertaking! We wish you calm weather, friendly ocean dwellers, and clear thoughts. I have used your journey to highlight the need to recycle in my department amongst my colleagues.

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