Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 17] Waves

The strong wind and waves were still in the opposite direction and too big to have a kayak or the RHIB in the water to pace me. In those type of conditions I could swim, I am like a cork in the water. My wetsuit keeps me buoyant, I go up and down in the waves and don’t have to worry about capsizing. This is not the same for the kayak or the RHIB and it is a risk especially when the waves start to crest.

Finally, after the strong wind had died down by the middle of the day I was able to swim. After a few hours, mouthpiece my lower lip started to swell up, my hoody was too tight and pressed up against the mouthpiece of my snorkel. My lip was in between the two. In the evening the swelling went down and it was back to normal.

In the evening we celebrated Mark’s birthday. Maria baked two carrot cakes and dressed them with a layer of Nutella.

Before going to bed I went on deck and the ocean was lit up by all the bio luminescent plankton, this was a site to be seen, big fish left a trail of light as they were swimming near the boat.


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  1. I’m hoping the conditions will be in your favor soon! Glad your lip stopped swelling, you could enjoy carrot cake, and saw an amazing site with the water lit up from the plankton! Keep taking it day by day 🙂

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