Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 19] Company swim

It was a clear day with the right swimming conditions, the waves were coming somewhat from behind me with little wind.

Ty and Lauren were in the RHIB and Lauren took with her, her swimming gear. She asked me earlier if she could join me in the water. I am always looking for ways to rupture the monotony of my task, so having another person swim beside me would be great.

After few hours into the swim, the clouds started to move in and it started to rain soon after that. The waves were growing and cresting at times, this started to be a risk factor for the RHIB. Fortunately, it never got too windy and the swells flattened.

Soon after I finished my sixth hour, Lauren joined me. She set up a faster pace than mine but I decided to stretch as much as possible and kick a little faster to keep up with her.

She spotted a beautiful jellyfish with a wide fuzzy orange disk and clear tentacles. It was more than three feet long. I had been filling some sting on my face from time to time but up until now hadn’t seen any jellyfish.

In the last half an hour, Lauren took a waterproof camera with her and I saw her few times gliding below me taking shots.

Thank you for joining me in the water!


16 thoughts on “[DAY 19] Company swim

  1. Hey Ben. I look at your log every day.
    I used to spend 3/4 months at sea on a ssbn submarine which is hard enough. Being in the water for that long is mid boggling. Just think when your swimming there could be several £billion of sub fight below you! Can I get a shout out?

  2. C’est génial de te voir progresser comme ça! Tu m’inspires! Continue, tu es fantastique!!!

  3. Be strong Ben! I’m thinking of you and feeling inspired, while I do my little 1.5km in the pool this morning!

  4. Nous sommes heureux de voir que la tempête s’est arrêtée et que vous avez pu reprendre votre projet. Nous vous suivons toujours avec assiduité. Bon courage nous sommes avec vous tous les jours!
    Les élèves de CM1 CM2 de la classe de Mme DEMAISONNEAU, de l’école Emile Roudayre de Perpignan

  5. It’s nice to hear what great, positive energy there is between your Team and you, Ben. It certainly can’t be a picnic, what you guys are attempting, but you are making it work moment by moment, day by day. You are all special kind of people. This is what life is supposed to be all about: we are all in it together, and we get to carry one another along on our paths. I wish the rest of the planet’s population could learn from your fine example! 🙂

  6. Wow, how great to have Lauren swim with you. Each day is a different day with a different challenge but you all stay focused and positive . So inspiring to us!

  7. Been following the tracker and the logbook. Continued safety on your journey !!

    Where do I see stats ?
    Of the 5,5k distance …where are you in the journey. I don’t see that as part of the log or map. I’m curious like how far did you swim in this full day ?

    1. Thank you for following! You can find my stats on the live tracker if you scroll down the side bar on the left

    2. Hello Mark, if you look at the live tracker there is a scroll bar down the side of the page, if you scroll down it tells you how far I swam each day, for how long, and how far I have to go. Thanks for following!

  8. Ben,

    You are doing great out there! Keep up the good work and God speed. I and June are cheering and praying for you and your team’s safety, strength, and health.

  9. So awesome that you had company that day – both in human and jellyfish form! I love following your journey Ben – thank you for posting everyday!

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