Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 21] Dinghy troubles

Maria and Ty were on the RHIB to pace me. Within the first hour, we experienced some technical issues, an error came from the electric Torqeedo engine and couldn’t be reset. After few trials, Ty called Seeker to let them know we needed a different setup to pace me until they could figure out what the error was.

A streamline was put behind Seeker and for the rest of the day, our 67 feet sailboat paced me. It was not as consistent as the kayak or the RHIB, few times I felt far behind her almost to the end of our long streamline. I had to increase my speed to catch up because a 50 tones boat cannot be slowed down that easily, and sometimes I was right on her when her speed had decreased below mine.

Overall, it was a good experience, and a configuration we would probably use again in the future.


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