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[DAY 22] Lonely fish

I was back being paced by the RHIB with Jo and Maks, the problem had been solved, our two batteries were fully charged. It was an uneventful day, no dolphins, no ships just a lonely fish that decided to swim right below me for the last 3 hours.

During my last feeding breaks, I kept little pieces of bread with me and as I resumed swimming released them hoping my lonely friend would find them and not be afraid of me. It did stay with me until my last stroke of the day.

It had been a very nice day, I got some information about the weather and tomorrow wasn’t going to be the same, strong winds were forecasted.



Start: 036°03’464N 143°34.923E

Finish:  036° 10.495N 144° 17.177E

7 thoughts on “[DAY 22] Lonely fish

  1. Yes, wouldn’t it be great if we could swim along here and there with Ben and his crew, just like that lonely little fish! My thoughts often go to what must be a tiny spec of humanity making their way ever forward across the great blue expanse of Pacific Ocean. “Fortune favours the brave”!

  2. Hi Ben & team,

    Thank you so much for your imperessive action!
    I hope,the waves are smaller now and you could use the non-swimming time for relaxing. Go on bravely!
    Ben, is sea-sickness a daily issue during your long swims? How can your sense of balance cope with the waves such.a long time a day?
    Best wishes Brigitte

    1. Hello Brigitte, thank you for your comment! We’ve been blessed with some better weather after a few storms. Sea sickness has struck a few members on board, but it’s only the rough days that get us. The best solution for sea sickness is getting in the ocean!

      1. Hello Wave-fighter and ocean-savers,
        Thanks for replying!
        You are tough&creative. You are in my thoughts during my own smaller open water swims in the Baltic sea. (Tony waves compared to yours). I spread your action widely in my community. Ben,
        Is your snorkel a special product designed or upcycled for you? Seems larger than normal ones ?

        Greetings from Kiel

  3. Thank you for your notes. Great to hear the technical issues got resolved. And I love the visual of the Lonely Fish…

    Blessed be your journey!!!

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