Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 38] Another challenge

This morning the wind and waves were coming from the north and were stronger than yesterday. We still had to progress toward the north and this was going to be a challenging day.

Maria was back in the kayak. She communicated a few times with the crew on the VHF to verify that we were going in the right direction. Each time we took a break to feed me we felt we were pushed back from where we came from. Maria was drifting in the opposite direction, the wind and waves dragged her much faster than me.

She was trying her hardest to keep the pace but she was paddling slower than I was swimming. After a few hours, I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim for a full 8 hours at that pace because it was too slow and I couldn’t generate enough heat to stay warm.

At midday, we had planned to have Paul trade place with Maria. At that time Seeker wasn’t close to us, I could only see the top of the sails at the horizon. Maria gave them our position and corrected it a few times as we were drifting fast. After 45 minutes Seeker finally reached us but by that time I had waited too long in the water and was cold, I decided to get back on the sailboat and stop swimming for the day.
Even in those challenging conditions, Maria managed to collect a big 5 gallons clear plastic bottle…



2 thoughts on “[DAY 38] Another challenge

  1. We have the controllers here for the outboard, but trying to figure out how to get thrm to you in the quickest fashion with as little cost and lost time. Its killing me to see hou guys strughle with the kayak and lose days/hours of swimming.

  2. Peter,
    Thank you so much for all the help you provided to Ben and the Crew. That is very sweet of you to still trying to help them now at almost 500 miles at sea. We ‘re all appreciate you so much!

    Trinh Lecomte

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