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[DAY 46] The swordfish

Today we had favorable weather conditions, yes it felt good to wake up and see the winds and waves had subsided.
During part of the morning we sailed back to our waypoint, once we got there Maria was ready to handle the paddles and lead me eastward. Within the first few minutes of swimming, in a lonely curious fish came close to me. It didn’t take long before it disappeared into the deep blue. I was back into my swim routine; a feeding break every hour with my ration of LyoFood soup and bread, and the rest of the time, my big blue screen in front of my eyes on which I was projecting my own movies that I was creating. I spent a lot of time laying on the grass in a park. As the sun was setting, the visibility under water was reduced and it was time to stop swimming for the day. Seeker got next to us for my last strokes. Suddenly a long grey shape appeared to my left 10 to 15 meters below me. I instantaneously thought about a shark. I froze and focused on the linear shape, the flank shined in the last sun rays and revealed a beautiful sword fish. It was longer than me and my fins, it was massive. After gliding to my left, it turned and came back below me and then moved closer to the surface and fired to my right. He was definitely checking me out, he moved slowly and very close to me, we were only about 5 meters apart. I didn’t swim toward him and stayed still were I was,
I didn’t want the sword fish to feel threatened and charge me. Then he just disappeared in the big blue like the morning fish did.


9 thoughts on “[DAY 46] The swordfish

  1. Hi Ben,
    What a wonderful meeting with the ocean’s natives!
    I would be delighted! That’s a compensation for your nauseated time before. Each day is different with it’s own surprises.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Blessings & greetings

  2. Hello Benoit, as I swim each day in our cold corner of the South Pacific I sometimes imagine myself like you – out to sea in the deep deep blue. ?Sending your strength and fortune for the long long days ahead. ?‍♂️

  3. That swordfish sounds awesome! It must have been scary to spot this huge shape and wonder if it would be another shark encounter. I was speaking to a gentleman the other day who spent some time on foot in the African bush in Botswana amongst roaming elephants and lions, and apparently the best thing is also just to “freeze” when you encounter big game. I guess any attempts to move quickly will be perceived by the alpha animal as a form of “fleeing” or “attacking” and will activate the hunting or self-defence instinct!

    Keep on swimming east, Ben! Much strength to you and your Team and your Family back home.

  4. salut Ben

    fais nous rever,chaque jour, avec ta vision de l ocean.

    peut etre quelques lançons pris un certain jour d aout,n ‘y sont pas etrangers.

    le breton du cap

  5. I used be looking for swordfish from boat when I went fishing.
    But closed encounter with swordfish when swimming is very fearful.

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