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[DAY 64] Connection

When I swim in the middle of the ocean, I don’t have a WiFi connection but I am experiencing the most intimate connection.

In our hyper-connected world, we often forget how important it is to have some for yourself, by yourself without any interruption. Well on that end, I am one of the most fortunate person because all I have is time by myself to connect with myself and the ocean.

This is important for me because it allows me to ask so many essential questions without being interrupted. How can I better communicate what I live? How can I give the ocean its true voice?

During those moments when my mind leaves the real world and wander in my parallel universe, I sometimes hear a faint voice muffled by the sound of the waves saying: just keep on going. But it is really all it takes? I have this unique opportunity, this one of a life time opportunity to make a difference, will I raise to the occasion and meet my and everybody’s expectation?

I feel so small and insignificant in this vast ocean, this battle seems insurmountable and yet I am being reminded that this is not only my fight but one of many people.

I have never felt as close and connected to this foreign liquid universe as I am now, and I hope enough people feel this connection and our collective action will make a difference.

Real connections are visceral and don’t take place in the cloud, come down with me and protect our ocean.


15 thoughts on “[DAY 64] Connection

    1. Good insight Ben. I agree we regularly over connect on our daily technology like our cell phones, I Pads etc. Time alone is important. Anyhow, you have lots of support and your already making a difference with heightened awareness of the ocean and pollution and trying to make a difference

  1. Ben
    ,We are your virtual swarm with your in the waves. You do everything in the right way ! The swarm ist with your and your Team.
    Go on bravely. Even when you still wait for returning in the swim.
    We are there supporting you all.


  2. Surely, there is alchemy in what you and your Team are doing out there in the Pacific, Ben. Collins dictionary says alchemy is “the power to change or create things in a way which seems mysterious and magical”. I’m sure there is some “magic” being created by the awareness that is being spread about what you guys are doing and why. By the knowledge being shared. By people taking time to consider what difference they can make in their own lives to live more consciously on this planet. So not just ephemeral stuff, but real practical hands-on ways in which to turn around environmental pollution!

    1. Hi Nina , hi folks,

      Exactly! Practice consequenes.
      Here in Kiel at GEOMAR a female scientist researches in the jellyfishes’ ability to potentially digest
      and diminish by this was microplastic. Ain’t
      The better way ist to. avoid plastic.

  3. You have inspired me to have a stronger connection and to just keep going. I am a Montessori teacher in New Hampshire and am taking your message and sharing it with my students, their families, and my colleagues. Thank you!!!

  4. God Neptune is looking after you! The oceans knows what you are doing It won’t be easy but you will emerge victorious. Thank you!!

  5. What an challenge !
    With the hope that this adventure will help to remain all about preserving the oceans from over-fishing and pollution.
    If you need music for your video I’d be happy to help.

  6. I teach English as a second language to adult students in Boston, USA. We have been keeping track of your journey and reminding ourselves everyday, like you, to keep swimming against challenges that sometimes feel insurmountable. Thank you for your inspiring voice and positive outlook. You/we can do it! Godspeed!

    1. Hello, that is fantastic. Inspiring the next generation to change their habits it what it’s all about. Ben

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