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[DAY 81] Fish bites

Today was another day at the office, a fish bite my nose, I had a fist-beck bump with an albatross all that with a lot of plastic.

The weather conditions were pretty similar to those of yesterday except that the wind and waves were a little stronger but pushing me in the right direction Southeast. I have been swimming a little bit more South than the desired direction because the Kuroshio is curving south and I want to use it as much as possible.

My swim started like any other day, around noontime, during one of my food breaks, a school of fish came to check us out. Mark was with Ty in the dinghy and had multiple cameras with him. He passed me a GoPro and I captured some underwater footage. I noticed a lonely fish a little bigger than my hand trying to nibble on our streamline. After a few seconds, I turned around and went back to filming the school of fish. Next, I felt something against my cheek and before I could check what it was, I felt something bitting my nose. Raised my head out of the water and told Mark and Ty: “the fish went for my nose!”

They replied: “oh yes, we can see that you are bleeding.” But it was nothing serious, just a little scratch. I put my head back under water and the fish was back around my face about one to two feet away, I quickly covered my nose with my hand and after few passes, he went away.

The rest of the day was uneventful until late afternoon when one albatross landed again next to me. Maybe it was the same as yesterday, I extend my fist in his direction and he gave me a little bump and a little nibble.

After that, I felt my day was complete. Like usually, at the end of the day I removed my wetsuit in the water to rinse it and myself. I thought again about the fish that bit me on a soft spot earlier, as I was now naked in the water and I thought about other exposed softer points he could bite now…


2 thoughts on “[DAY 81] Fish bites

  1. I guess it is amazing because why the school of fish is existed on more than 600 nm far way from land.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I am sorry dir your injury,however, natives of the ocean Show ist their place. ?
    Albatros birds are clever, thus it IS likely it was the same than yesterday . It remembered the bump with you as a contact.
    I assume you preferences Meeting creatures of the sea rather than plastic. May you swim have more adventure like that. Plastic encounter will happen soon. These experience are treasures for your memory during the long hours swimming. To be visualized. Thank you for Sharing.

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