Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 86] The return of the shark

As I entered the water this morning I thought about the shark visit yesterday. Was he going to be back today? During my swim in the Atlantic, one shark came back every day for 5 straight days.

Paul and Brian were on the dinghy. The conditions had changed from yesterday, I had to battle the waves and the wind, they were coming in the opposite direction and on my right side. It was a little challenging but still doable for 8 hours.

It was overcast and we got some heavy rain in the first hours. At the end of my third food break, I was drifting away from the dinghy and about to resume swimming when I heard Brian say: “Ben, shark at 20 meters”, he indicated the direction with his hand, pointing right behind me.

I quickly put my head in the water to locate him. It was dark, the thick clouds didn’t let much light go through, and the water was very murky. My visibility was limited and I couldn’t spot the shark. I was constantly checking Brian for his direction and putting my head in the water but I couldn’t see anything. I swam back to the dinghy and stayed close to it. Brain and Paul were scanning the surface of the ocean and I was looking down for any sign of our visitor. But neither one of us could see him. After a few minutes, I had to make a decision, keep on swimming or stop for the day.

Not being able to see the shark in the water because of poor visibility was a big issue for me. If I can’t see the shark, he maybe can’t see me well enough to determine if I am or not a threat or food. I decided not to take the risk and stopped for the day.

As I was back on the dinghy with Paul and Brian reliving the moment, and discussing if he was the same shark as yesterday, the right name for him came to my mind: George.




Weather conditions:

Cloudy (8/8)

Wind speed: 15 kts

Wind direction: E

Waves height: 0.5-1m

Waves direction: NE

Water temperature: 26.8°C

Miles swam: 7.77NM

6 thoughts on “[DAY 86] The return of the shark

  1. Everyday is a thrill to read your posts.
    Praying for your safety, strength, courage and endurance!
    Stay strong! Swim on!

  2. Was in the meditaranean sea today, snorkeling ( Italy, Puglia). So much plastic waste everywhere. Thinking of you Ben and your ( and our) goal. Tried to clean up what was possible. No shark making this task risky. Deep respect for you & team!

  3. Hi Ben and Folks,
    I agree to Cindy’ s comment and wish you all the same!!
    Why did you name him George? ?
    Do you know a sharky George?
    May St. George protect you when meeting again this dragon.?
    Go on bravely!

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