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[DAY 96] A normal day of swimming

“Tonton Benoit, your breakfast is ready!” Said Paul to wake me up. Every morning I wake up at least two hours before swimming to give me enough time to eat, check my emails and write.

Maks and Maria were on the dinghy. Last night when we decided on the watches and duties for today, Maks asked Maria to be with him on the dinghy duty. It was important for her to get back on the horse after the propeller incident to regain her confidence as soon as possible.

Yesterday before the swim, we found out that my tracker wasn’t powering on. I had to use Seeker’s. Today, I would have to do the same. This is why there is only one tracker showing on our online tracker page, and it shows Seeker moving slow and only during the day because it is tracking my progress. The manufacturer has been contacted and the issue is being worked on. Everything should be back to normal in about a week. Some reprogramming has to take place.

In about a couple of days,, I should reach my 1,000 nautical miles of swimming. We won’t be at 1,000 nm from the Japanese coasts because I followed the Kuroshio current which is not running in a straight line. We should be at 1,000 nm from the Japanese coasts in another 15 days, weather permitting.

Today was just a normal swim day, there is any normality in what I am doing. After almost 9 hours of swim I was happy to get back to our mother ship and rest.


Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 4 kts
Wind direction: NE
Waves height: 0-1m
Waves direction: NE
Water temperature: 27.8°C

7 thoughts on “[DAY 96] A normal day of swimming

  1. I recently took up swimming again after reading about your challenge.
    I must admit it was hard going at first, but now I can comfortably swim thirty lengths of the pool.
    I feel much healthier and have lost weight as a result.
    This is how your challenge has inspired me.
    Good Luck to you and your team in this venture.
    Fair winds and currents.

  2. Still feeling so inspired, too, by all your and your Team’s efforts, Ben!
    I wish the rest of society across the globe could handle challenges and setbacks with such a camaraderie and in such a logical way. Makes total sense to have a non-swim day and then do equipment maintenance during the “down-time”. And it’s great that everyone then gets back into routine thereafter, no time to build up any anxiety or fear of more mishaps.

  3. Hello Ben! My son Augie (6) has been following your progress ever since we saw your story on the news back in June. He is absolutely facinated with your journey across the ocean. And often times if he encounters something difficult he says along the lines of ‘If Ben is still swimming the ocean I can definitely do this!’ Augie wants to know if your enjoying your swim and says don’t give up-he can’t wait to see you finish!

    1. Hello, thanks for following along! Please say hello to Augie, and thank him for his support. Ben

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