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[DAY 98] I was alone

602 pieces of microplastic was the final count for yesterday’s collection! This is a very sad and disturbing number.

With great weather conditions, I started my day of swimming with Gonzo and Mark on the dinghy. At my first food break, Gonzo welcomed me by saying: “Today, we have on the menu soup, bread and water, what would you like?” On my first break, I often just get some water since I am still digesting my big breakfast. The next breaks, I have the usual soup, bread and water. Before resuming swimming I take a full mouth of water and blow it through my snorkel to rinse it.

Other than the two albatrosses that landed near us during one of my breaks and the lonely fish that followed me right below the streamline during my last hour, I was alone.

We don’t see those packs of whales and dolphins anymore and the crew doesn’t catch any fish when they put the fishing lines out in the evening. We are maybe too far from the coast now.

Today we were a little north of the current and we tried to swim south-east to get to it. But still, after 9 hours of swimming, we hadn’t reached it. Maybe tomorrow?

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 5 kts
Wind direction: NE
Waves height: 0.3m
Waves direction: NE
Water temperature: 29.3°C

3 thoughts on “[DAY 98] I was alone

  1. Don’t ever feel lonely out there, there are a lot of people cheering you on and following your journey. The plastic finds are scary, it is horrifying that there is so much of it in our oceans, thank you to all of you for doing this to raise awareness. Keep going, cheering you on…

  2. Hi Ben,

    I echo the aforementioned comment. We are your virtual swarm. However,beeing alone in the vast ocean can also be a great experience, being a little part of the world like a drop in the ocean, one piece of the whole, a unique creature, but Part of a complex system, one dependant of the other and Vice versa. This Humble experience may Raider the best in humans to Indices the Change!
    Some Feelings like these occur in my mind when swimming in the open sea.
    Swim bravely, Ben and support him truely dear fellows of Team.
    We following and multiplication your Action.

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