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[DAY 109] A jet of water

I started my day with a call from my psychologist Dr. Montel. He had sent me a protocol that would help me relax if I ever was stressed or experienced some type of anxiety. I haven’t been able to test it since I haven’t had any problem falling asleep nor experienced any anxiety. If I had been a little tense or stressed, swimming 8 hours a day always took care of that. But I would definitely keep the protocol in my back pocket, ready to be deployed.

Last night around 10 p.m. something quite unusual happened. Brian and James were on deck and saw coming from our starboard side, a jet of water, about the size of a fire hose, shooting 4 to 5 feet straight in the air. It came to midship, about 20 feet away, slowly moved toward our stern staying parallel to our course and made a kick turn behind us before it moved at a high speed and then disappeared about 200 feet behind us. During all that time all they could hear was the noise of the water jet and nothing mechanical…

Gonzo and Maks were on the dinghy today, we did not see anything we couldn’t explain but we saw the usual debris: I retrieved a big clear plastic bag about three feet under the surface and a big orange buoy.


Weather conditions:
Overcast (could coverage 7/8)
Wind speed: 10-15 kts
Wind direction: NW
Waves height: 1 m
Waves direction: SW
Water temperature: 27.3°C

Miles swam: 20.45 NM

6 thoughts on “[DAY 109] A jet of water

  1. Have you been approached about any movies of your voyage/swim? Or documentary for Sundance?

  2. I really admire your level of mental (and physical) resilience, Ben. And that also of your entire team, to keep on doing what everyone signed up to do on this expedition.
    This is a great example and inspiration to all of us. Thank you!

  3. Any thoughts on what caused the jet? its precise movement brings to mind space ship sighting accounts. Do we need Scully and Mulder on the job? 🙂

    Rooting for the 1000 mile from Japan milestone!

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