Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 116] The milestone

I was back again fighting the northern push of the current. The conditions had changed, the wind had picked up and the waves were rolling.

Maks and Maria had to bail the water out of the dinghy. The direction of the waves was somewhat on my favor and I was able to slide a few times as they crashed at the right time.

But this day wouldn’t be the day I would reach the 1,000 miles marker. I will make the milestone when I jump in today,  reaching 1,000NM from the coast of Japan. I’m excited about this milestone but in my eyes, I try not to focus on them and focus on each day at a time. But, it’s still important to have milestones to celebrate any progress. I’m looking forward to spending this special day with my team.

After about five hours of swimming, the waves were getting bigger and too many filled up the dinghy so that it was decided to stop for the day. My body was ready too. I hadn’t slept well the night before and for the past three days, I had tried to put in more hours and speed up my pace to move out of the current. It hasn’t been successful and I was getting frustrated.

Stronger winds were forecasted for tomorrow, which meant it wouldn’t be a swim day…


Weather conditions:
Sunny (cloud coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 20-24 kts
Wind direction: NW
Waves height: 1.5-2 m
Waves direction: S
Water temperature: 28°C

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