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[DAY 122] Just another day at the office

Today was just another day at the wet office. We had good weather conditions, the wind and waves were pushing me to the east.

The first hour, a blue object caught my attention, it was bobbing 2 feet under the surface. I reached for it, it was the usual light plastic bag. I picked it and passed it on to Ty and Maria on the dinghy.

The water was a little colder since we got out of the main part of the current but one layer of wetsuit was still enough to keep me warm.

The tiller on our Torqeedo engine, that had stopped working two days ago, was back to life. Apparently, some moisture got inside but after opening up and drying it, it was back to work.

The forecast for tomorrow was predicting some high winds but for today we just had some squalls and Ty and Maria had to manage to stay warm and dry.

Weather conditions:
Overcast (could coverage 8/8)
Wind speed: 11 kts
Wind direction: SE
Waves height: 0.5 m
Waves direction: SW
Water temperature: 26.5°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 122] Just another day at the office

  1. After all you’ve been through the past couple of days, you deserve a nice, “calm” day. Hope it keeps up, and thank you for raising awareness! I know I’m just one person, but because of you and your journey, I’ve seriously cut down on the amount of plastic and trash I consume. Thank you again, and good luck!

  2. I’m staggered that there’s only one comment so far. “Just” another day at the wet office! You’ve got to be kidding! What you’re doing is off the scale as far as physical endurance goes and it must also be way up there regarding mental endurance.
    Well done so far. Rooting for you from Somerset West South Africa.

    1. This is too unreal to comment on.
      Especially sitting behind the desk, can not imagine how it feels.
      Ben and the extraordinary team is a beacon for change and awareness.
      People do not believe me when i tell them about this.
      We follow and may somewhat feel close to what they are going through but still so far away.

      We’re all huge fans of this incredible journey, even if we do not comment always.

  3. For my public speaking class in college we had to pick something or someone to inform the class on, and I picked you and your cause! Everyone was so amazed and I absolutely am a huge fan of this journey!! Everyone from my class in Alabama is rooting for you!

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