Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 136] Dinghy issues

I started my day with three phone interviews with Forbes, Business Insider and Vice followed by my weekly call with Dr. Montel, my psychologist.

I jumped in the water a little later than usual and I got stopped before even starting. Brian and Maks, on the dinghy, noticed that the propeller was acting odd, it was not turning like it used to. From the water, I gave it a quick check and I noticed that the propeller set off its axis.
They radioed the sailboat crew to come back to pick us up.
The engine was removed from the dinghy and the propeller disassembled on deck. Its pin had broken off in five different pieces and was loose.
After the pin was replaced, the engine was mounted back on the dinghy and we started the day of swimming.
By then, only half day of swimming was left, but every miles count so I made the best out of it.

Miles swam: 12.08 NM
Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 3/8)
Wind speed: 13 kts
Wind direction: SW
Waves height: 1 m
Waves direction: SW
Water temperature: 26.3°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 136] Dinghy issues

    1. Just found you via BusinessInsider. Amazing to say the least! How do you deal with sore muscles? Or do you just keep pushing through? Stay strong and swim straight!

  1. The Ocean Clean-up ship has reached the Pacific Garbage Patch. I’ve been tracking both your crossing and the Ocean Clean-up. Now I begin to wonder if you will eventually both be in the same area. Two great and vastly different initiatives to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans.
    Sending you all the best wishes from Canada, a beautiful country between three oceans.

  2. Ben. You always make the best of it. And the world is taking notice. What you do…or not do…each and every day is golden. Awesome.

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