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[DAY 138] A storm is coming

Day 138

Paul and James were on the dinghy, the waves were  coming from about two o’clock. It was a choppy sea and difficult to swim in. The waves threw me off my course. Every so often a wave stopped my right arm in its forward motion and made me loose my balance and streamlined form.

After a couple of hours Paul changed his course and gave me a break, the waves were come from about four o’clock. This small adjustment made my swim so much more comfortable.

In the afternoon I noticed a slight drop in the water temperature, at the same time my blue background got full of large planktons, particles and yes, some plastic. About 30 minutes later the temperature raised again and the number of particles dropped.

Other than that, I didn’t see much in the water today…no shark.

Tomorrow might be a no swim day, a storm is forecasted to hit us sometime in the day. Yoav is monitoring its progress.

Weather conditions:

Sunny (could coverage 3/8)

Wind speed: 15 kts

Wind direction: SW

Waves height: 1-1.5 m

Waves direction: SW

Water temperature: 26.4°C

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  1. “Red Sun in the morning, sailor take warning; red Sun at night, sailor’s delight” is what my dad said in the Atlantic… would that be the same in the Pacific or reversed?

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