Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 140] Bad weather coming our way

Yesterday, right after we stopped the swim, we received some information from our routing team about a strong system moving our way in addition to the smallest one we knew was coming.

We decided to follow their advice and sail south-east.
The winds picked up during the night and became stronger early in the morning.
James battle high winds for his birthday with burst of 50 knots.

Those difficult conditions continued during the day which made it very challenging to do anything on the boat. We constantly have to hold on to the boat and spent most of our time laying or seating. Items that weren’t properly latched, flew off.

In the afternoon I was laying on one the benches in the saloon on the starboard side when I felt the boat drastically heeling, all I could see through the windows on the port side, was water. Seeker’s port side was under water, a burst of wind had over powered the boat and Maria at the helm couldn’t fight it.

We got some updates regarding the bigger system developing to our west and moving toward our location. It had become a typhoon with winds of 120 knots and 12 meters waves. The system was still moving east, toward us and we had to move out of its projected trajectory.

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  1. While you are waiting out the bad weather could Ben talk about the type of equiptment he recommends for ocean swimming. I notice he favored certain brands but why ? . Also what type of fins does he recommend and under what conditions. Naming certain name brands would help me purchase the right equiptment in my own personal journey in long distance swimming . Who better to recommend the type of equiptment that is well built and lasts than a person such as Ben who wears and uses them 8 hours a day . Thank you and Good luck ? Greg Keller

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