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[DAY 153] Fresh food

I started my day by eating some fresh yogurt. Maria made it with our powder milk and some yeast. This was quite tasty but I have to admit that eating anything different from our regular plan meals taste good anyway.
For dinner we had also a treat, Maks caught a mahi-mahi and Gonzo prepared it with a white sauce.
These were the two highlights of the day.
Some more diagnostics were conducted on our electric engines and we found out that some electronic components on one of them had burned. After trying some fixes, we unfortunately came to the conclusion that there is nothing we could do here to repair any of the two engines.
We are now only relying on the kayaks and Seeker to pace me.

Weather conditions:
Cloudy (could coverage 3/8)
Wind speed: 16 kts
Wind direction: N
Waves height: 1.5 m
Waves direction: N
Water temperature: 24°C

20 thoughts on “[DAY 153] Fresh food

  1. Your team’s ability to overcome all the hurdles is amazing. Could easily sound like a trip in space. Fresh food is always great.
    Good luck.

  2. Phone in for a pizza delivery. It would be great advertising exposure for Domino’s. Also for you.

  3. Been rather quiet of late. Can only surmise that they have left the area to avoid bad weather or they’ve had additional equipment difficulties beyond the engine problems they’ve already been dealing with. Don’t even know if the tracker is providing a true representation of where they are right now either. “Earth calling Seeker – Earth calling Seeker”. Open the pod bay doors Seeker…

  4. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for all of you this weekend…..!

    “May good luck be your Captain
    and sunshine be your Mate,

    May laughter be your Pilot
    and happiness be your freight…”

    ~ Captain Jacob Den Heijer

  5. Aloha Ben and Crew,
    Earth calling Seeker. We’re all concerned that we haven’t heard from you in over a week. Are you ok?
    ox J

  6. Bet there’s been some kind of catastrophic power failure on board as the tracker isn’t updating any longer either – let alone getting any new updates. If they’re smart they might try to reach Wake or Midway Island to get help rather than sailing all the way to Hawaii. Think both have Naval or Coast Guard facilities that would be helpful. If that’s truely the problem. The salt air/water is no doubtedly reeking havoc on all of their electrical and communications/satellite equipment.

  7. the tracker is still updating, seeker has been moving pretty rapidly to the south and east for several days. by my math they are about 3 degrees south and 16 degrees east of ben,s last swim
    10 D 0 H 19 M AGO
    @ 32.15520 , 165.36911
    19 M AGO
    @ 29.38168 , -178.93421

  8. Opps – spoke too soon. Looks like the Midway installation was shutdown in the late ‘90s. Wiki says the island is unpopulated now.

  9. Ok – I see them now. The map on my iPad was not rendering the Seeker position bubble for some reason and I had to play with the display to get it to reappear. Ok, good, at least they still have a current position being plotted. And just checked, Wake Island is still in operation with Air Force and port facilities. “Wake Island has no permanent inhabitants and access is restricted. However, as of 2017, there are about 100 Air Force personnel and American and Thai contractors resident any given time.”

  10. Hi Ben & Crew,

    How are you?
    Hope you all are doing well, since we got no update.
    Take care!
    Greetings from Kiel im Winter.

  11. Tracker indicates the Seeker is on the way to Hawaii for what we must assume are necessary repairs. Take time for a good American Thanksgiving dinner and some R&R before heading back to the swim. You are doing great guys and a little pause to refresh is all to the good.

  12. On Ben’s Facebook page he indicated that the past week had been the most difficult of the journey with weather and sea conditions that pushed both crew and equipment to the limit. Ben says that luck hasn’t been on their side and that several issues have come up. Everyone is safe and healthy though and more information will be available next week. (If you want to read the post look up Ben Lecomte The Swim on Facebook)

  13. So good to hear updates from fellow followers as I have been wondering how they all have been doing as well. Trying to interpret the tracker and surmised they were headed for Hawaii or somewhere near-ish to resolve issues that had been problematic. Hoping Ben and the crew can get things back to Ship Shape and Ben can score some fresh new water tight Wet-suits and some warm soup! I worry like a “loving Jewish Mom” and rooting for their swift return to The Big Swim! A warm Aloha and renewed strength, I am sure, will be bestowed on these Hero Crusaders for our beloved Pacific Ocean. Mahalo Nui Loa!

  14. I, along with all the other posters, have been checking in, and concerned about no updates for 10+ days now. I remind myself that these are all very experienced, very capable folks, and are on top of whatever it is going on. So, be safe, be well. The rest of the miles await for whenever all is good to go, and I’ll just keep checking back in. We’re hanging in with you!

  15. The boat is updating and it’s most likely moving to Hawaii, albeit Japan would be closer from where Ben stopped. Because Ben isn’t moving anymore for two weeks now. He might be done.

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