Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 155] Time

I had a great start of the day, I talked with my children. It had been 155 days since I last saw them. Sometimes it feels longer than that and other times shorter. Being at sea with no weekly schedule makes me lose all notion of time.
Today was too rough to swim with the kayak, so Seeker paced me. It was challenging for the helmsman to keep a study speed. Toward the end of the day the conditions had changed a little and Seeker speed was either too slow or too fast. When it was too fast I had to increase my pace and dig in me to find the energy to do so and when it was too slow I only kicked and left my arm along my body. I was getting cold when I wasn’t using my arms. The wind was strong and cool, and even though the water was in the mid 20 degree Celsius, this was enough to get me cold.
We definitely have to find a way to better regulate Seeker’s speed since we can only rely on her and the kayak at the moment.


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  1. So happy to read your new posts and to know that all of you are ok and making progress. I’ve been a bit concerned. You are an incredible inspiration. Please let us know if you decide to make a stop in Hawaii Nei. Sending each of you warm aloha and positive energy from Kona!

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