Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 157-158] Repairing the sail

Those past two days, we had the same weather conditions as the day before with strengthening eastern winds… and no swim.

The main sail was lowered and Maria and Gonzo worked on repairing the reefs on deck. Every so often a big wave crushed against the hull, water got propelled straight in the air and came back down on them.

Even though they used the proper sewing needles for the job, they kept on breaking because of the multiple tough layers of the fabric they had to go through.

They repaired reef three and were down to one last needle before they could finished reef two. It was decided to stop the repair and keep the last needle for emergency use.

At the end of the day, the main sail was hoisted back and reef three was put to the test.

It was holding but pulling unevenly on the stitches, the tension wasn’t properly distributed…

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  1. Hello Ben and Team. It’s good to be able to follow you again here. It sounds like it’s really starting to get challenging now! So many folks around the world are still cheering you onwards on your Mission and keeping you in their thoughts constantly and sending positive energy and goodwill your way every day. Hopefully you will have some calmer and kinder weather and ocean conditions to make easier headway without having to keep up a battle against the odds.

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