Log: The Vortex

[DAY 1 & 2] Back in my element

I am finally on the beach minutes away from starting this new expedition.
Our preparation started months ago and now and in the next few weeks, we will find out how well prepared we are.
Josh is with me on the beach with a camera and a drone to capture our departure.
Adam and Corbin are on the dinghy accompanied by two surfers, who came to escort me for my first 100 meters. One of them, Alika is here with his dog Luna. He was one of the people who escorted me when I swam to Hawaii last December. What a treat!
I put my fins on and start swim toward them. 
The bottom is slowly disappearing below me, the water is murky and I can’t see any sea life.
Alika and Luna are on my left side and his friend is on my right to guide me through the channel. “I Am Ocean”, our Challenge 67 support boat is waiting for us out side the channel.
After saying our goodbyes to the two surfers I resume swimming toward “I Am Ocean” with the dinghy at my side.
It doesn’t take long for me to feel seasick, few minutes after I step on our support boat, I decide to lay on my bunk, I fall asleep in few minutes and wake up the next morning.
I really needed that long night, the last few weeks have been very stressful and mentally demanding.
Now finally at sea I have some time to reflect on where I am; I can’t be more thankful for all the people who supported us and have helped us with our preparation.
But this is just the beginning, I know many challenges and painful moments are ahead of us, I have experienced that before but I don’t know how the new crew will handle it.

This first full day at sea is a reminder of why we are here. We are already seeing plastic debris, bucket, barrel, crate and small ghost nets…

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