Log: The Vortex

[DAY 5] Capturing the Vortex

Five days along and it’s oddly satisfying being so disconnected from the real world. It feels as though this is more real than the regular day to day busy life. The world seems so disconnected from nature. It seems appropriate that the majority of humans in cities don’t think or care much for nature. How can we even consider or care about something that we never experience or know anything about? I think if you ask anyone what some of their favorite activities are surely one of them involves hiking, outdoors or nature.
We are getting closer to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It was never exciting for me to see garbage in the ocean. Until now. Going into this expedition in the media/documentary role I knew that I had an important job to show this for what it really is. It won’t be a satisfying thing to document but it also will be at the same time in the end. Looking forward to our first lighter wind day deeper into the garbage patch to really take the time to seek out larger patches of trash and the ecosystems that have developed around them.

Corbin – Photographer/Cameraman

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Photo credits @joshmunoz

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