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[DAY 15] How to drink ocean water

Today we are sailing toward our most southern point of interest and it will be the last area to investigate for eddie Murphy, the local area of circulating currents. Then we will move on the our next eddie and intercept drifters on the way. What should we name our next eddie? 

Yesterday, we got an error message on our Parker water maker. This is one of the two systems we have on board. They are essential components to our survival because they are our only source of drinking water. Sea water is being pumped into the system and goes through a serie of filters and then goes under high pressure through a membrane that removes all impurities, salt, minerals, etc… from sea water. The end product is drinking water but unlike water on land it lacks all minerals. It is important we keep both systems operable at all times. 

We always had amazing support and service from Parker. A rep in Hawaii helped us make sure our systems were fully ready for our crossing and again today after Yoav sent an email asking about the error message, a Parker rep called us to walk us though the necessary steps. 

After our system got flush with enough fresh water, the error message was gone, and we can again rely on both system to provide us with our fresh water.

Since it was a non swim day, I got some time to catch up on some emails and sleep…

26°40 N / 152°47 W


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4 thoughts on “[DAY 15] How to drink ocean water

  1. Must have been a few nervous moments-glad that the water system is up and running fine and glad to hear that you got some sleep. Your a force Ben!

  2. David – You weren’t kidding when you said the beard was getting a bit out of control. Keep it going! Haha. Love you!

    Ben – Congrats on surpassing 50NM! You’re doing great!

    Crew – Consider calling the next eddy ‘Stewart’ or ‘Earl’ 🙂 Also, your pictures are amazing – keep up the good work!

    Sending good vibes,

  3. Unfortunately the treatment given to nature, by all of us, inhabitants of the earth.
    In the name of financial gain, of profit at any cost, we continue to destroy nature.
    Where will we go 200 years from now, when the destruction of our nature is complete?
    Instead of economic war, the great powers should fight is the destruction of the environment by large multinational corporations.
    Here in my country, Brazil, we have the GREATEST “Bird of Prey”, the VALE company, which continues to destroy the environment, with no concern for human lives already destroyed.
    May the CREATOR accompany you in your epic task, and congratulations on the work of alertness and enlightenment of the world, what you are doing.

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