Log: The Vortex

[DAY 17] The BEST porridge

This morning I had for breakfast the best porridge I ever had. In the US we call it oatmeal but since Adam made it this morning and he is from the UK, I will call it porridge.

He ground the oat and few almond nuts before cooking it. Then, I don’t know if he added any coconut pounder but I found the consistency and taste amazing with its fresh pieces of apples and dry fruits. Last expedition I had porridge for almost every morning for 6 months, by the end I was really looking for something different. This time around I have to force myself to eat it every morning, so it came as a surprise that the recipe could be improved so that I was able to enjoy it this morning.

We spent the day sailing as fast as possible toward our next area of interest but it will probably take another day before we can reach the tracker.
Since we are close to the end of the month, and our satellite communication plan starts at the beginning of each month, we checked on our usage. We have been very conservative in using data and very selective in the type and amount of content we sent to land. We found out we were below our limit. This means that for the month of July we will be able to send more pictures and video!

28°10 N / 150°53 W


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Photo credits @joshmunoz, @sea.marshall, @osleston

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