Log: The Vortex

[DAY 22] Swimming with Mahi Mahi… and a headache

Last night was difficult, I didn’t sleep much, not because of the motion of the boat but a strong smell coming from what I assumed was the grey tank (waste water tank).

I woke up with an headache. I went through my usual morning routine and got on deck to get my swim gear ready. I went one last time down below to put my wetsuit on and came back on deck to finish getting ready. Ty and Heather were on the dinghy, I jumped in the water, and swam to meet them. Once the swim line got secured I started swimming, still with a headache. 

I was hoping that it would go away once I started swimming but it did not.

My body started to ache early on and soon after nausea started to set in. No matter what I did during the day, the headache, nausea and body ache never left. It was a painful day. 

A big school of mahi-mahi, followed us in the first hour. We stopped for few minutes, Ty, Heather and I got some video of them as they swam below us. 

Through out the day, the mahi-mahi were swimming back and forth between the dinghy and I Am Ocean. As the day progressed, they got more comfortable with me and by the end of the day, they escorted me, swimming only a couple of meters away; they were right below me, to my right and left, and in front and behind me, I felt as if I was part of the school.

I was relieved when at the end of my 7 + hours swim, it was time to stop. I still had my headache, my body was still aching all over and my nausea had evolved to now wanting to vomit.

I didn’t spend much time with the crew in the evening, after eating our 4th of July dinner, vegetarian hamburgers, I went straight to my bunk hoping sleeping would get rid of all my pain.

28°56 N / 146°16 W


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