Log: The Vortex

[DAY 25] Lost in time

I totally lost track of time, this morning I had to check on a calendar to find out it was Sunday.

Here, there is no point of reference, everyday looks and feels the same. We repeat the same tasks one day after another. The only changes are the weather conditions. 

Today was a good swim day, it was overcast with weak winds and long and big swells rolled in the right condition.

Josh and David were on the dinghy and each swam one hour with me. It was a nice change of  scenery, I was able to see them swim to my right and they helped me keep a more study pace.

We didn’t find much, other than the usual plastic debris. I saw quite a few pieces of ropes floating in the water column, Josh and David spotted 3 fishing buoys and other debris but no big ones.

Around mid day an albatross landed next to me, this one was a little less curious than the previous one and kept his distance. After bobbing in the water next to me for about a minute, he decided to take off and never came back.

When we loaded the dinghy this morning with all our equipment I passed on to Josh a pair of shorts. I don’t wear any bathing suit under my wetsuit to avoid anything from rubbing on my skin. At the end of the day after I remove my wetsuit and rinse it and myself in the water, I put on my shorts before going back to I Am Ocean.

But this morning instead of passing it, I threw it and the shorts landed in the water. Josh jumped in the dinghy to retrieve it but by that time it was already gone. 

So this evening, as I climbed back on our sailboat, I mooned everybody who came on the deck to help us off load the dinghy…

Hopefully, I will find another pair for tomorrow!

29°31 N / 145°48 W


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