Log: The Vortex

[DAY 34] Halfway done

The day started by an interview with the Business Insider. It was the journalist who had interviewed me last year when I was few hundred miles away from Japan.

For the first time since we left, Yoav spent a day away from the sailboat. He and Corbin were on the dinghy.
Within the first hour Corbin spotted a ghost net. It was massive and made of so many big ropes, it looked like a gigantic spaghetti bowl. We attached a 4Ocean tracker and a biological panel and after Corbin took pictures and video we were on our way.

During the day we found few big items, fishing crates, big fragments of plastic, pieces of heavy plastic bags and few smaller ghost nets. We even found a plastic Kirin Beer crate.

Albatrosses joined us early in the day and landed beside me every feeding break. One of them was not afraid at all, and kept on harassing us. He grabbed my left hand and left a bloody beak imprint. At the end of the day, once I had removed my wetsuit and neoprene sucks and sat on the dinghy with my feet hanging over the water, he got a hold of my foot and made my left toe bleed.

When we returned to I Am Ocean, the crew was on deck. They wore paper party hats they had made and held banners celebrating the 150 miles marker.
While I swam with Josh, sometime during the day yesterday I had reached 150 nautical miles since we left Hawaii. I am far from finished, I still have to swim at least another 150…

31º24 N / 141º38 W


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Photo credits @sea.marshall, @osleston

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