A Favorable Wind

Day 6

After two days of negative winds and a reverse current, Ben and the Falbala have “caught a wave and are sitting on top of the world!”

At the start of Day 6, Ben and crew are back in choppy waters, but strong winds and currents have placed them more than 135 miles off the coast of Hyannis, headed due east. Captain Richard Auger slightly altered the route to position the Falbala with a favorable tail wind. He estimates another 150 miles to the Gulf Stream.

Ben is swimming about 4 hours per day in the choppy seas. He’s still suffering from a little seasickness, but is otherwise fine. Though not always in sight, his “shark” buddy continues to make a guest appearance, but is kept at bay by the Shark POD.

Ben reported sighting more than 40 dolphins swimming near him and looks forward to hanging out with the mammals for many miles to come.

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