Feeling Strong After 250 Miles in One Week 

Day 8

Mid way through Day 8, July 23, Ben is feeling strong and more than 250 miles into his 3,400 mile swim. As of 1:00 p.m. EST, their position is 40° North by 66° West, with about 80 miles to go before they hit the Gulf Stream. Estimated arrival to Gulf Stream: Monday, July 27.

Ben is happy to report his seasickness is totally gone, proven by the fact that he polished off a 2,000 calorie breakfast earlier today that consisted of a bunch of bananas (the last of a case loaded at the start of his journey), five bagels and 1/2 pound of cookies! Truly the breakfast of champions!

Due to choppy seas and poor visibility, Ben was limited to only four hours of swimming during the first few days. Luckily the current and winds have turned favorable and he and the Falbala are now back on target for a Mid-October arrival. To maintain a moderate level of physical exertion and avoid muscle cramps during those days he is unable to swim a full 8 hour day, Ben rides a motorized Exercycle that is on the boat.

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