Ben Due to Reach Azores Tomorrow. Now averaging up to 6 hours of swimming each day!

Day 33

It is August 17, and Ben is one day out before landing on the shores of the Azores, a group of islands in the North Atlantic approximately 800 miles west of Portugal.

Ben reports, “I feel good and I am swimming more than 6 hours each day, with a half day of swimming (so I can rest) every third day. I will make my final decision on whether to continue onto France, after my arrival.”

Ben and the Falbala are currently enjoying a high pressure system that is producing calmer seas. As a result, Ben is resting better, hence he is physically and mentally capable of swimming more than 6 hours each day.”

His motivation and confidence continue to build and is in an excellent physical and mental condition to make the best decision when he reaches the Azores.

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