Ben Faces Stormy Waters Ahead on Last Leg of his Cross-Atlantic Swim. “Winds of 45 Knots & 15 Foot waves begin my journey home”

Day 48

It is September 1, and Ben is already into “rough waters!” His current location is 39° 20′ North by 26° 60′ West, and the estimated total distance to his new destination, Quiberon, France, is approximately 1,320 statute miles.

Ben is suffering from sea sickness again, but that is not stopping him from swimming more than 6 hours each day…this despite the rough weather.

Ben points out, “I know the hardest part of my swim is still to come, but I am ready for it. The stop over in the Azores helped me get my focus back and though I know the rough weather at the start is a little discouraging, I’ll work through that and any other obstacles. So, with weather and currents permitting, I should reach Quiberon, France in 30 or so days.”

Ben continues, “I changed my final destination to Quiberon, France (about 100 miles or so south of Brest) because it provided the most favorable north east heading. Of course, given the start with such lousy weather, maybe I need to re-think that!”

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